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The IN1 case is a rugged but beautifully designed phone case perfect for people on the go. It has a variety of tools that you can use in a variety of ways including :

  • 2 precision screwdrivers - You will instantly become the best friend of anyone with glasses
  • 2 ball point pens - Perfect for writing down your number when the girl or guy across the bar notices you fixing a pair of glasses with your teeny tiny screw drivers
  • A Nail file - for tidying up your fingernails before the big date with the person you met at the bar
  • A pair of tweezers - Great for when your new partner gets a splinter from their crappy bamboo phone case
  • A set of scissors - Good for opening a packet of crisps without damaging your newly manicured fingernails and
  • A kick stand - So you can both watch Sleepless in Seattle together under the stars