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Installer error when I install Byki on OSX 10.6

If the Byki installation fails on Mac OS 10.6, please take the following steps to correct the problem:

1. Run the installer as normal. If the failure message appears on the final screen, it means that the program files have been installed, but the language content could not be copied. Close the installer and continue with these steps to manually copy the content.

2. Drag the AEData folder from the Byki DVD into the Data folder inside the Byki 4 Deluxe folder in the Applications folder on your hard drive.

3. Run Byki by double-clicking on the Byki Deluxe icon inside the Byki 4 Deluxe folder on your hard drive. The program will ask you to create a user name, then take you to the Learn screen.

4. In Byki, choose List / Import List.

5. On the Import List screen, navigate to the b4u folder on the Byki DVD and use CMD+A to select all the .b4u files in that directory, then click Import. -Click on [Open] on the "Choose Lists to Import" dialogue which looks like a normal Mac file browsing window before the Byki "Import list" screen appears after which you may then click import.

How do I use the new Byki on my iPod / mp3 player?

If you purchased the program on a CD, please follow these simple steps:

1.Open up iTunes

2. Go to File / Add Folder to Library

3. In the small window, Click (My) Computer

4. Click your DVD drive

5. Click BykiPods

6. Hit OK and wait for the files to add to iTunes. You can add each individual folder to the library if you wish

My product Key is wrong?

Please make sure that you have the internet connection working while activating and there could be confusion between 1 or I and 0 or O.

"Error Side 2 not Supported" on Byki for Macintosh

If you are using a Mac and you don't see any lists, or you get the error "Side 2 Not Supported" when you try to import the lists:

Make sure that your Byki 4 Deluxe app is in the Byki 4 Deluxe folder in your Applications folder, and not your desktop. You may have tried to make a shortcut by dragging the app to your desktop, or you thought that the app is completely self-contained, but it is not. This is the most common problem with our Mac customers. These are the files that should adminmode.bundle, Byki Deluxe, Data, Guided Tour. Your Data folder should have a Shared folder, containing your lists.

Additional information:This error may occur if you use a Macintosh computer that is formatted to be case-sensitive.

Navigate to the following location:

~Applications:Byki 4:Deluxe:Data

and delete the two langs.sdb files that appear in that directory.

Once you have confirmed deletion, download the following zip file:


Unzip the files to the folder:

~Applications:Byki 4:Deluxe:Data

Make sure that the files overwrite the current files that are present in that directory.

Now, open the Byki 4 Deluxe application and you should see your lists.

If the issue is not listed here, Please click here to contact us: