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Phonics Vol. 2

Practice is the key to reading and spelling success-and now it's more fun than ever. We've turbocharged our best-selling Phonics video program with new animation along with sentence and story practice. Volume 2 builds on Volume 1, with catchy rhymes to make rules easy to remember. Delayed answers and our "on-screen mouth" let students check their reading and pronunciation. Read-along stories and fun songs provide practice applying the rules and building reading fluency. Context clues help students develop multiple strategies to read for meaning.
Ages 6 & up. Approx. 78 minutes.
Format: DVD

Phonics Volume 2 covers:
  • Introduction
  • Long a
  • Long e
  • Long i
  • Long o
  • Long u
  • Sentence Practice ar, er, ir, ur , or, ire, are, air
  • Story: "Fruit on the Beach"
  • Song: "Fruit on the Beach"
  • Diphthongs (oi, oy, ou, ow), au, aw, all, al
  • Sentence Practice
  • Break It Down (syllables)
  • Schwa Sound
  • How Many Syllables? (phonemic segmentation)
  • Ending Sounds
  • Endings: y and le
  • Sentence Practice
  • Rule Breakers ph and gh
  • Memory Words
  • Read-Along: "The Dog Days of Summer"
  • Silent Consonants
  • Story: "The Zany Rainy Bread Lady"
  • Song: "The Zany Rainy Bread Lady"
  • Read-Along: "Jade and Chip's Amazing Snow Dance"

Phonics Video – "In the ever-growing realm of phonics videos, this double set stands out. The music is a strong component, providing a learning rhythm, the graphics are clear and colorful, and the progressive skills presentation is correct. The "on-screen mouth" is a helpful addition, as children can see how the sounds look as produced by a human rather than an animated mouth. The whole can be used at the learner's pace, either singly or in a group situation. Consider this a valuable contribution to the world of phonics." –Parents' Choice Recommended

Phonics Video – "Kids love learning to read while enjoying this phonics video set. Comical characters and fun songs add to the excitement. Pop performers introduce phonetic rules followed by plenty of practice reading words. Developed by educators, this logically sequenced program is easy to use and incorporates proven methods for teaching phonics. Delayed answers and the on-screen mouth help learners check reading and pronunciation. Teachers and parents love the way this program holds attention and complements any curriculum. Kids advance at their own pace while learning vowels, consonants, blends, digraphs, and other skills." –Dr. Toy's Best Vacation Products

"I just purchased the video and my students have responded well to it. I want you to know how pleased I am with Rock'N Learn Phonics. I recommend it to anyone looking for a fun way to learn phonics. I think it is better than [well-known expensive program]. I've purchased both, and I definitely recommend Rock'N Learn Phonics to all parents looking to boost reading skills." –first grade teacher

"Our 4-year old loves the phonics videos. He loves the music, the psychedelic background, and the silly things thrown in every now and then. He said to me the other day in a very serious way,'Mommy, i-r-e makes the ire sound.' He is now trying to sound out the words he sees in his books." –Jean D.

"This Phonics DVD is excellent. It teaches children how to read by sounding out each letter or combinations of letters. If you know a child that you would like to help learn to read, give them these DVDs by Rock 'N Learn." –a satisfied parent

"I love your phonics video. It has been great with my 3 year old. She knows all the sounds and blends and is inching her way to putting it together to read on her own. Thanks." –Maria C.

"My wife teaches in southwest Phoenix. Her class is 95% Hispanic and she uses your Phonics audio set to help her children learn English." –Wayne S.

"I have really enjoyed your Phonics CD & book! My children enjoy it as well. I don't normally take a fancy to rock music, but this has been great! It's cool to be able to hear the words and sounds over the music, and the explanation about what to do is quick and simple. Thank You! We really like your stuff!" –Jennifer M.

"Thank you so very much for producing the video entitled Phonics Rock'N Learn. This video has helped my son tremendously with his reading skills. It has made learning words fun, especially with the music that he can easily remember." –Rebecca T.

"When it comes to comprehensive, affordable, and highly entertaining phonics programs, the clear choice is Rock 'N Learn Phonics." –Learning Imagination

"Coming out in May are the Phonics Volume 1 and Phonics Volume 2 DVDs. I had the privilege to review the Phonics Volume 1 DVD before it is available to the public and I'm so happy that I was given that chance! Asher is gearing up for Kindergarten in the fall and he is loving his new Phonics DVD. He walks around singing the little songs and since he loves rhyming, he's really having fun with that aspect of the DVD. I like how they show the mouth saying the words so that he can see the correct way to form the sounds of the letters and words. They have the delayed answer feature like they do on many of their other DVDs that allow him the time to say the answer before they do. He gets so excited when he gets it right. They cover everything from letter sounds to vowels and consonants to blending to silent e practice and on and on! There are stories and even a bonus section "Reading for Fluency". They cover it all!"

$ 25.00