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Spanish Complete Edition

The Transparent Spanish Complete Edition is an entire comprehensive language course in one affordable package. Experience a full range of multimedia tools including computer programs, online resources, mp3 files, audio lessons, and more. Explore lessons, games, immersion videos, virtual environments, and stories as you achieve Complete Spanish proficiency.


What do I get?
  • With Transparent Spanish Complete Edition, you get a powerful and flexible language learning solution in one affordable package. Whether you prefer audio courses, reading, immersion, or conversational practice, Complete will lead you to Spanish proficiency in no time.
  • Start by rapidly building your vocabulary base with our acclaimed Byki Deluxe. Byki's memory algorithm technology will tailor your learning based on your own strengths and weaknesses. Record your voice and compare it alongside native speaker audio. Play games, take quizzes, and track your progress; Byki’s a language-learning powerhouse!
  • Take your learning on the road with Everywhere Spanish audio lessons. Take advantage of "lost" time in your car, at the gym, or just around the house to speed the learning process.
  • Develop your written and verbal skills with the Transparent Spanish Premium Edition, a full course with lesson plans to develop your conversational skills. Native language texts, videos, and stories immerse you in the Spanish language. Premium will condition you to communicate without having to think about it - just like you do in English.
  • Instantly access over 65,000 Spanish words and their English equivalents. As you practice Spanish, you may run across an unfamiliar word here and there. Lexicon Translation Dictionary won’t let that slow you down!
  • Explore 30 virtual reality scenarios in LinguaMatch Spanish. Learn the words for common, every-day objects, and click on the characters you meet to learn more conversational phrases.


What will I learn?
  • Transparent Spanish Complete Edition will help you:
  • Rapidly build and retain a large vocabulary base
  • Test yourself with games and quizzes
  • Develop listening comprehension
  • Learn to read and write in Spanish
  • Learn to express yourself freely in spoken Spanish
  • You'll begin by building vocabulary and phrase knowledge with Quick Start Lists designed to get you up and running with the MOST crucial words and phrases so that you can become functional in your new language as quickly as possible. You’ll then learn thousands of other words and phrases, including the following topics:
  • Taking a taxi
  • Asking for directions
  • At the restaurant
  • Traveling
  • Meeting and greeting
  • Emergencies
  • Translation facilitation
  • Numbers: ordinal and cardinal
  • Asking the time
  • Weather and seasons
  • Shopping and bargaining
  • Once you've got the vocabulary, dive into Transparent Spanish Premium Edition to learn structured sentences and conversation. Sample lesson content includes:
  • Spanish beginner lessons
  • Nouns and verbs
  • Past, present, and imperfect tenses
  • How to form a question
  • How to use the double negative in Spanish
  • Describing yourself and others
  • Familiar and formal commands
  • As you progress through Complete's content, you'll be able to call upon the large vocabulary base you've built and your developing conversational skills, and suddenly find yourself communicating without a script.
  • In other words, you’ll be speaking Spanish!


  • You need not to buy Byki, Premium, Audio CD, If you purchase Complete Edition
  • Does not work in Mac

System Requirements

Windows: Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista or higher.
iPod® or MP3 Player for Byki Pod files: iPod Video or nano required to display pictures and play sounds. Other MP3 players can play sounds, but may not support picture display.

$ 155.00